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About Me

At the age of two I developed asthma and allergies.  This necessitated countless hospitalizations, trips to the emergency room and high doses of steroids, adrenaline and antibiotics.  My asthma was so severe that at the age of nine I became a patient at a residential asthma center in Denver, while my family continued to live in Kansas City.  After fourteen months I returned to Kansas City with fairly well controlled asthma.  However, through my teenage and adult years I continued to suffer from hay fever, sinusitus, bronchitus and asthma, which necessitated the continued use of oral medications including steroids, antibiotics and antihistamines.


Traditional allergy approaches using allergy shots were not effective with my hay fever.  A friend told me about NAET.  Having completed my NAET treatments I no longer required the oral medications, including steroids, antibiotics and antihistamines.  In addition to NAET I benefited tremendously from attunement, cranial sacral and acupuncture work.  Consequently I have incorporated some of these techniques into my holistic practice.

I have over thirty years of professional medical experience including five years at St. Luke's Hospital.